Our Management Team

Construction Management

M.H. Hussain, General Manager (Construction)

S.R.A. Abeywickrema, Chief Executive Officer (Overseas Operations)

Dr. Nadun Alwis, Senior Deputy General Manager

L.L. Chandrasena, Deputy General Manger (Construction)

T.L.R Thilak Silva, Deputy General Manger (Construction)

L.L. Gunasena, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

A.B.N. Chandrasiri, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

T.J.B. Fernando, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

D.M. Siriwardena, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

H.A.S.S. Perera, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

W.K.C. Jayathissa, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

W.N.D. Ratnasena, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

Sanath Mahathanthila, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

S.K. Jayasekara, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

Sudath Senavirathna, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

W.E.B. Marasinghe, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

B.M.P. Balasuriya, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

A.M. Cassim, Assistant General Manager (Water Supply)

I.H. Rambukwella, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

A.A. Thilakaratne, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

S.I. Mahawatta, Assistant General Manager (Contracts & Commercial)

P.S.P. Perera, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

K.H.N.J. Ariyasena, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

D.M.S.B. Dissanayake, Senior Project Manager

U.K.D.L.T. Udawatta, Senior Project Manager

K.P. Wijesinghe, Senior Project Manager

H.G.P. Jeewantha, Senior Project Manager

N.R. Jayathilaka, Project Manager

M.A.S. Perera , Project Manager

D.M.N. Dissanayake, Project Manager

P.A.S. Piyawickrema, Project Manager

M.S. Amarasinghe, Project Manager

J.A.A.P. Jayasinghe, Project Manager

I.U.P.J. Balasooriya, Project Manager

Dayasiri Vidanagama, Project Manager

A.K.S.C. Karunadasa, Project Manager

R.N.J. Sampath De Silva, Project Manager

W.M.R.L. Wijesekara, Project Manager

D.M.P.C. Dissanayake, Project Manager

T.M.C.A. Thennakoon, Project Manager

T.D. Wickramasekera, Project Manager

U.S.K. Rupassara, Project Manager

K.D.A.B. Kumarasinghe, Project Manager

P.W.A. Samanpali, Project Manager

A.C.P.C.P. Dhammika, Project Manager

G.M.W.K. Gajanayake, Project Manager

G.A.A.B. Galgamuwa, Project Manager

A.L.N.U. Abeysinghe, Project Manager

K.M.T.N. Kulathilake, Project Manager

D.S.B. Senevirathne, Project Manager

J.M.A.N. Sumangala, Project Manager

W.D.M.K.N. Wijetunga, Project Manager

N.A. Ranasinghe, Project Manager

G.A.J. Prasad, Project Manager

G.K.M.C. Jayesha, Project Manager

R.A.N.C. Rupasinghe, Project Manager

D.M.S.I. Wijethunga, Project Manager

S.A.A. Jayasiri, Project Manager

A.C.M.Firdous, Project Manager

G.A.M.R. Ganepola. Project Manager

P.V.D.C. Peiris, Project Manager

P.K.K.K Ranasinghe, Project Manager

B.M.R.B. Gunathilake, Project Manager

P.I.S. Dahanayaka, Project Manager

W.M.M. Perera, Project Manager

Electrical & Mechanical

D.S.K.G. Anura, Deputy General Manager - MEP Services

W.K. Senanayake, Manager Electrical

M.C. Gunathilaka, Manager Mechanical

R.S.K. Koratuwewatte, Manager Building Services

B.K.D.S. Ananda, Services Engineer

R.P.W.M. Dinusha Rajakurana, Services Engineer

Asphalt & Aggregate Production

H.G.S. Harankahadeniya, Assistant General Manager (Plant & Machinery)

A.K. Edirisinghe, Assistant General Manager (Plant & Machinery)

M.K.D.L. Gunathilake, Plant Manager

S.A.T.I. Samarakkody, Quarry Manager

D.N.P. Meddage, Manager Plant

Ready-mix Concrete Production        

M.A. Upul Bandaranayake, Senior Manager Batching Plants

T.V. Mallawarachchi, Manager Batching Plant

Plant & Machinery

S.A. Gamage, Manager Plant & Machinery

Central Workshop

L.A. Victor Nimal Kumara, Manager Central Workshop

K.L.D. Premarathna, Assistant Carpentry Manager


R.B. Wasantha Kumara, Assistant General Manager Finance & Planning

M.H.M. Amarasinghe, Manager Finance

W.A.S.B.M.T. Janse, Senior Accountant 2

QHSE & Knowledge Management 

H.M.W.L.R.B. Weerakoon, Assistant General Manager (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) & Knowledge Management)

M.G.S. Jayarathne, Manager Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) & Energy Management


N.A.R.P. Niwunhella, Manager Training & Development


D.B. Illangage. Assistant General Manager (Administration)

M.W.S. Sallay, Manager Administration


Nalindu, Manager Human Resources

Estimation & Tendering

A.U. Somathilaka, Senior Manager Estimation & Tendering

Y.N. De Silva, Manager Estimation & Tendering

Information Technology & Corporate Affairs

I.S.U.K. Peiris, Assistant General Manager (IT & Corporate Affairs)

Planning & Development

S.M.S.S. Sirimanne, Manager Planning & Development


L.G.S.J. Edirisinghe, Assistant General Manager - Design


T.M.H.B. Thennakoon, Senior Engineer Surveying


U.C. Illeperuma, Asst. Manager Sustainability & Corporate Communications

Systems Development

W.L.V.I. Liyanage, Manager Systems Development

Project Monitoring & Controlling

R.M.I.B. Rathnayaka, Manager Project Monitoring & Controlling

Internal Audit

Dharmasiri, Manager Construction Audit


H.H.N.E Gunathilake, Manager Stores


B.K.L Perera, Manager Procurement

Sales & Marketing

Tuan Fawaz Packeeran, Head of Sales and Marketing