• Introduction

    Learn about our sustainability agenda through which we actively work to make a positive impact in our communities and on the environment

  • Materiality Approach

    Learn more about Maga’s materiality concept – addressing the most crucial sustainability concerns

  • Corporate Governance

    Learn about our corporate governance system which is our instrument to continually advance our business operations whilst contributing to the development of society

  • Economic Responsibility

    Learn more about our responsibility to economic performance and sound financial results

  • Social Responsibility

    Learn more about our initiatives to improve communities’ access to education, sanitation and essential infrastructure

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Learn more about our environment management policies & methodologies

  • Performance Against Targets

    Learn more about our sustainability goals & targets

  • Case Studies

    A case by case look at where we have been able to turn some of the prevalent risks into opportunities

  • Publications

    View our annual Sustainability reports