Bodagama – Hambegamuwa – Kaltota (B-528) Road

The project involved the rehabilitation and improvement of 48.2km of B-528 road from Bodagama to Hambegamuwa to Kaltota under the Local Bank Financed Road projects implemented by the Road Development Authority. The project involved Improvements to Bodagama – Hambegamuwa – Kaltota Road (45.2 km) to 2 Lane to 2 Lane Standards including widening of Carriageway, Excavation and Embankment Construction, Aggregate Base Course, Asphalt Concrete Surfacing, Construction of Bridges and Culverts, Retaining Structures, Drainage Works, Pedestrian foot walk and Road Furniture.

The project required 45.2km to be completed within a period of 30 months. However, we managed to complete the project 4 months ahead of the completion date, thereby achieving significant cost savings and bringing more economic benefits to the communities and road users. It was also one of the fastest-completed projects under the local bank funded road projects.

This ahead-of-schedule completion required us to execute more than LKR 150 million worth of work each month (after considering the mobilization period), which necessitated meticulous planning and resource allocation, also considering the fact that the project location was rural. A large portion of the original road was a macadam road in bad condition, therefore material hauling during the early stages of the project was extremely difficult.

The rehabilitation and improvement of this road has enabled linking four major districts, namely Hambantota, Moneragala Badulla and Ratnapura, whilst acting as a major transport link between 3 major provinces, thereby providing many socio-economic benefits to the residents of the region.

The project was completed and handed over to Road Development Authority on schedule in January 2016.