Faculty of Computing and Technology, University of Kelaniya

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The project is an ICC-MAGA Joint Venture undertaking Design and Construction of a new building complex for the Faculty of Computing and Technology (FCT), University of Kelaniya.

The new FCT will comprise separate blocks for Administration, Academic, Laboratories, Auditorium, Student Centre, and Staff Quarters. The facility will house 20 lecture rooms, 24 seminar rooms, and over 40 laboratories, business units, and industrial collaboration centres specialising in diverse areas and cutting-edge fields including nanotechnology, data science, cyber security, bio-technology, robotics, sustainable energy, embedded systems, multimedia, game-design, and animation.

Designed by Engineering Consultants (ECL), this breakthrough faculty focuses on creating an innovative, user-friendly learning environment in union with modern technology. From a large central plaza at the heart of the complex, to scalable lecture rooms, formal and informal learning spaces, and over 50 staff and student common areas; the faculty provides a dynamic, flexible environment designed to encourage collaboration and active learning outside the traditional classroom.

Situated alongside a canal and surrounded by scenic vistas, the faculty maximises natural light, cross ventilation, and views of the surroundings; but also incorporates built and green-screens, and built devices to reduce light intensity and cooling costs. The sustainable and universal design also proposes a host of sustainability features including solar panels, rainwater harvesting for landscaping, hybrid ventilation systems, and necessary waste-water and effluent treatment.

The Faculty of Computing and Technology is a key driver enabling Sri Lankan students to access the fields of Computing and Technology. Once complete, the new faculty complex will further strengthen the FCT’s position as a provider of innovative and industry-relevant technology education and research facilities, quality curriculum design and academic staffing aligned with international standards, and competitive grants schemes and capacity development opportunities.