Railway Operation HQ & Train Control Centre at Maradana

Construction of the new Railway Operation Headquarters (OH) and Train Control Centre (TCC) at Maradana are part of the government’s Railway Efficiency Improvement Project (REIP) and Colombo Suburban Railway Project (CSRP) implemented by the Ministry of Transport and funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project will make significant improvements to efficiency of existing railway operations, while addressing key bottlenecks in the network, and improving sustainability of operations.

Sri Lanka’s railway system transports essential goods and freight, serves thousands of daily commuters, and forms an island-wide transport network that benefits millions of Sri Lankans. Colombo Fort and Maradana are at the heart of the country’s suburban railway network and service the majority of rail transport within the Colombo Metropolitan Region (CMR). This network also covers the four major corridors leading into the capital – the Main Line, Coastal Line, Kelani-Valley Line, and Puttalam Line, with a track length of around 230km that accommodates over 100,000 passengers per day.

A new Railway Operation HQ and Train Control Centre at Maradana will bring much needed upgrades to Sri Lanka’s urban railway network and the busiest railway stations in the country. The new building will feature 13 floors, cover a total floor area of 212,856 square feet, and provide essential modern office space, auditorium and meeting facilities, common areas, accommodation and recreational facilities, and parking to accommodate over 100 Sri Lanka Railways (SLR) staff. The building will also house the high-tech Train Control Centre equipped with all modern Information Technology (IT) facilities and features necessary to monitor and manage a modern rail network. Designed by OENS Design Studio and MAGA’s in-house design team who have a wealth of green building experience, the new Railway HQ will feature a number of green features that offset its energy footprint, and bring a modern, smart, and iconic new addition to Colombo’s skyline.