iRoads (Phase 2): Uva Province

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The second phase of the Sri Lanka’s Government’s Integrated Road Development (iRoad - II) is implemented in 4 Provinces, covering the upgrade and maintenance of around 3750km of rural roads.

The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and comes under the purview of the Road Development Authority (RDA). The iRoad project also seeks to improve the capacity of road agencies with respect to road asset management, project management, and contract administration, and will play a catalytic role in the sustainable development of Sri Lanka.

Working in the Eastern Province, Maga Engineering is involved in rehabilitation and improvement of 21 roads amounting to 70 km spread across 02 DS Divisions in the Monaragala District. Work also involves construction or rehabilitation of structures including bridges and culverts; installation of Road Furniture such as traffic sign-boards and road markings; and incidental works such as construction of guard rails and guard stones.

iRoad - II projects undertaken by Maga Engineering in the Uva Province

Project Name Project Manager Date of completion
Monaragala District
Rehabilitation / Improvement and Maintenance of 70 km Rural Roads in Monaragala District (MO 3) Mr. Indika Dahanayake /
Mr. J S K Udayantha
November 2020