Kolonna Water Supply Scheme

The project was aimed at providing drinking water to residents of the Kolonna town and its suburbs including Ereporuwa, Kolonna, Maduwawnela, Nandanagama, Kella, Ambagahayaya, Pupulketiya, Hambeli-Ara,Walakada, Panamure and Embilipitiya town area and its suburbs, comprising a population of 20,000.

Maga’s scope of work included all civil works of the project to construct a water treatment plant with a capacity of 7,000m³ per day, construction of 2 ground reservoirs with a total capacity of 1,500m³ and 53Km long transmission & distribution system.

The water for the project came from Eraporuwa River and the intake of the project was constructed at Eraporuwa. The project team had to adapt innovative strategies to complete the Raw Water Main which traversed through the rocky forest area along the river.

The project was successfully completed on-schedule on 30 September 2015.