Colombo-Kandy Road (A-1)

The project involves rehabilitation, improvement, and maintenance of a 14km section of the Colombo-Kandy (A-1) Highway.

The project comes under the Integrated Road Investment Programme (iRoad) programme as part of an initiative to rehabilitate and improve five national roads. The project implemented by the Road Development Authority (RDA) and funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) involves work on a 60km section from Nittambuwa to Kadugannawa.

Maga Engineering’s scope of work involves rehabilitation and improvement of the existing road; construction of two bridges; necessary culverts, drainage, and protection works; safety fencing and barriers; guard rails, walls, guard stones and guide posts; traffic signs, road markings, and road furniture as required.

The project is part of the RDA’s initiative for continuous maintenance and improvement of national roads necessary to maintain a good road network. Once complete, these improvements to the Colombo-Kandy (A-1) Highway are expected to significantly improve transport efficiency along one of the busiest thoroughfares in the country.