Wellawaya Water Supply Scheme

Bounded by the beautiful landscape of the Wellawaya mountain ranges, the project comprised the construction of a flocculator, double units clarifier, rapid sand filter with four components, 1,200m³ capacity circular ground reservoir, sludge drying bed with four compartments, chemical house, pump house, Engineers Quarters and Internal pipe laying work. The scheme was so designed that gravitational force was very effectively utilized to maximize natural downward water flow and minimize operational cost from additional power sources.

Due to its difficult terrain, lack of access to intake area and remote nature of the area, the project had required the construction to be carried out under trying conditions, requiring innovative technical solutions to make the project a success despite adverse external impacts. The scheme has exemplified a well-designed water supply facility that operates effectively with minimal consumption of energy, and manpower. Maga is proud to have partnered the National Water Supply and Drainage Board in making this project of providing much needed water supply to rural areas, a success.

In recognition of the above, the Wellawaya Water Supply Scheme was the first project to win the National Construction Award in the category of Water supply & Drainage.