Urban Regeneration: Kalinga Mawatha

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The Kalinga Mawatha housing complex is part of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) Urban Regeneration Project Phase II, consisting of consisting of low-income category housing units for families from underserved settlements and slums in Colombo.

The housing complex consists of three 12-storey towers with a total of 528 housing units. Each housing unit covers a 400 sqft carpet area and comprises 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining and kitchen, washroom, and balcony. Designed by the State Engineering Corporation (SEC), the complex also features a community centre, recreation and play area, Grama Sevaka (GS) post, police post, health centre, and management office.

Maga Engineering undertook Construction and Financing of balance work of the complex in 2018 as the main contractor, and successfully completed the project by May 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, carrying out all construction activities as per CIDA health and safety guidelines for construction sites.

The UDA’s Urban Regeneration project focuses on enhancing the status and livelihoods of under-privileged communities living in underserved settlements and slums without access to basic infrastructure facilities. The project aims to providing secure housing within Colombo City for 70,000 families, enabling them access to formal land tenure, a decent home, and essential infrastructure and amenities such as safe public spaces, clean water, electricity, and sanitation.