Working at Maga

Maga has a dedicated workforce of over 12,000 led by a team of professionals with extensive experience in construction project management. It is home to over 350 graduate engineers in the fields of civil, electrical, mechanical and materials engineering, along with an extensive group of skilled crafts-personnel. We consider them our vital strength.

The company culture revolves around four main attributes: Creation, Challenge, Sacrifice and Excellence. These are the qualities which best captures the culture of our company’s workforce, and the struggles and triumphs of its history - from its challenging formative years to its present state.

They are at the heart of Maga’s operational philosophy, and constitute what every employee should look to unearth in themselves through their work. This is complemented by a commitment to continuous improvement of quality in all aspects and at all stages of construction, collective decision making, friendly but firm disposition towards employees as well as fostering an informal organizational environment as against a rigid hierarchical framework.