Environmental Responsibility

Our efforts in environment management mainly focus on five areas:

  • energy (reducing energy consumption, being more energy efficient and using renewable energy and alternative technology)
  • materials (selecting, using, reusing and recycling materials during design, manufacture, construction and maintenance to reduce resource utilization)
  • waste (producing less waste and recycling more)
  • pollution (producing less toxicity, water, noise and spatial pollution)
  • flora and fauna (causing minimum harm to the existing flora and fauna and preserving biodiversity).

Having matured over time, Mäga management approach to environmental protection is now encompassed in our Environmental Policy. The elements of this policy are:

  • Achievement of compliance with all environment-related laws, specifications and standards
  • Effective use of materials and energy
  • Monitoring of emissions
  • Reduction and re-use of waste.

Established in 2008, the policy was amended in February 2010 in compliance with the ISO14001:2004 environmental management standard and distributed to all projects and activity centres. Implementation of an ISO 14001:2004-based Environmental Management System (EMS) has enabled us to translate our vision into a set of specific, measurable goals.