Goals & Targets


Continually improve lean production and achieve zero waste across the organization by optimising all production processes based on measurable quality objectives, enabling optimum value generation by 2015

Increase Direct Economic Value Generated by 50% by 2015

Increase the percentage of revenue from new market segments up to 15% revenue by 2015


Reduce emissions intensity by 5% by 2015

Reduce energy intensity by 5% by 2015

Reduce water use intensity by 5% by 2015


Increase the percentage of new suppliers screened using criteria for impacts on society up to 75% by 2015

Train 100% of management & engineering grade employees on anti-corruption policies & procedures by 2015

Achieve zero incidents with respect to customer/third-party health & safety by 2015

Empower 1,000 students per year through outreach/ education programmes

Increase the number of training hours of staff members by 30% by 2015

Reduce major injury rate below 0.1% by 2015