Borella Ayurveda Hospital

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Borella Ayurveda Teaching Hospital is the oldest and largest government Ayurvedic hospital in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1929, the hospital was shifted to its current site at Cotta Road, Borella in 1931. Over the years, the hospital has seen several expansions to accommodate demand. In 2018, Maga Engineering completed construction of additions and improvements to upgrade the hospital to the status of a teaching hospital.

MAGA designed and constructed an expansion consisting of two 7-storey buildings comprising a net floor area of 161,923 sqft. The new buildings were designed with connecting corridors and lift lobbies for each floor. The expansion included rooms and wards accommodating 357 beds, a theatre and ICU, student lecture room, conference hall, doctors and nurses’ rooms, and courtyards.

As the primary Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital in the country, it now provides facilities for students of Indigenous Medicine to receive practical training under the guidance of faculty members, Ayurveda physicians, and administrators of the hospital.