Kirindi Oya Water Supply Scheme

The Project involved the rehabilitation and augmentation of Kirindioya Water Supply Scheme; the Main Contractor for the project was M-U-T GmbH of Austria. Our scope of work included the construction of water treatment plant including 2,000m³ capacity underground reservoir and treatment plant units.

Construction began in February 2010. The work consisted of construction of Static Inline Mixer, construction of Flocculator and Sedimentation Tank, Rapid Sand Filter, Back-wash Blower Station, Back-wash Water Pumping Station, Sludge Drying Beds, Chemical House, Back-wash Water Recovery Tank, Ground Reservoir, Yard Piping work and installation of High Voltage Equipment.

This project has successfully created one of the first models of a compact water treatment plant in Sri Lanka, where the Flocculator, Sedimentation tank, Filter and Filter control Room and main High lift pumping station were built on the top slab of underground reservoir as a compact unit, in an effort to save ground space.

The project was successfully completed within a short time span of 13 months. The project which centers the Lunugamwehera town, now supplies drinking water to Lunugamwehera, Weerawila and Beralihela area and another 28 villages surrounding these towns.