Towns East of Colombo Water Supply Project

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The Towns-East Water Supply Project aims to supply potable water to rapidly growing towns surrounding Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. The project is in line with the Government’s objectives of providing purified sustainable drinking water while modernising suburban and peri-urban water infrastructure.

MAGA is involved in the construction of an 18,000m3 capacity ground reservoir, supply and laying of 1,000 mm diameter DI transmission lines for 8 km and HDPE lines for 7 km (from Iridapola Junction to Meepe) and other civil works of the project.

Valued at LKR 4.8 Bn., the project would strengthen infrastructure, improve services in water-supply and wastewater management, and support economic development and environmental management in alignment with the Government’s development plans. The project is also expected to reduce water losses and result in energy savings by utilising available heads in gravity transmission mains from the Labugama and Kalatuwawa treatment plants.

After completion, the project is expected to benefit over 375,000 people and provide over 91,000 water supply connections to Colombo and its suburbs by 2040.