Urban Regeneration Project: Applewatte

An initiative of the Urban Development Authority of Sri Lanka, this 15-storey housing complex situated in Maligawatte is part of the Government’s long-term Urban Regeneration Project. The ‘Laksetha Sevana’ housing complex consists of low-income category housing units for families from underserved settlements and slums in the area. Covering a total floor area of 387,000 sqft., the building has 480 fully equipped housing units.

The Urban Regeneration Project implemented by the UDA focuses on enhancing the status and livelihoods of under-privileged communities in urban areas around Sri Lanka’s capital. As such, the project aims to construct 70,000 suitable housing units for communities living in underserved settlements without access to basic needs.

The project was initiated in June 2014, and vested with the Public in November 2017 by the President. It provides 480 families with access to formal land tenure, a decent home, and essential infrastructure and amenities such as clean water, electricity, and sanitation.