Clearpoint Residencies

Clearpoint Residencies consists of 171 spaciously designed 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, a limited number of penthouses and Presidential Suites spread over 47 floors. In place of ordinary balconies, all apartments are equipped with large format terraces with Self – Sustaining gardens. As well as preventing the windows from receiving direct sun exposure and providing shade, these large format terraces will lend themselves as extra entertainment spaces.

Sustainability Features

The Structure utilizes the very best raw materials and is the product of professional craftsmanship, built to endure the test of time, while also providing occupants with maximum security and unfettered access. By incorporating a variety of tropical flora, Clearpoint ensures each apartment functions as its own microhabitat, creating a synergy between occupants and their environment, whilst seamlessly blending rustic charm, urban sophistication and an attitude of environmental conservatism.

Clearpoint Residences is truly the future of high rise living, with its minimal carbon footprint and reduced maintenance cost; a product of creative architectural design and cutting-edge technology. Reduced cost across the board ensures that apartment owners spend considerably less on upkeep and maintenance, whilst also positioning them as the citizen at the forefront of conservation and responsible living.

Clearpoint Residencies has been designed with a clear goal in mind: To provide its occupants the very best of sustainable living, whilst setting a benchmark for future high-rise developments. This includes ensuring a structure that survives the test of time and has minimum impact on the adjacent environs, while concurrently providing a pleasant and secure environment for owners. The designer’s aim is to offer sophisticated urban living in a serene countryside setting, harking back to the days of yore when one could pluck fruits from the garden and learn about the birds and butterflies that would frequent it, first hand.

Clearpoint Residences was built up with a process to reduce your carbon footprint and more importantly, reduce maintenance cost across the board. We believe that inhabiting this living tower will be more cost-effective than any other apartment complex in Sri Lanka to date. This is due to the carefully thought out additions and design innovations that have been provided.

Windows & Terraces

Formation of a green cover through the planting of trees provides a natural cooling system for the entire building, resulting not only in a fresher and more relaxing atmosphere, but less energy spent on air conditioning. This blanket of trees also endows the building with an innate soundproofing system, blocking out the sounds of the hustle and the bustle of the city around it.

 Air Conditioning

Since all apartments receive less heat due to windows not being exposed to direct sunlight, it has been possible to reduce the size of air conditioners, thus requiring less energy to be used. In addition, all apartments are cross ventilated for the purpose of cooling the inside naturally.

Planted Terraces

The Planted terraces offer the building a unique charter while providing many other benefits. Plants have a natural tendency to absorb sound, both internally and externally. Plants provide shade, cool terraces and buffer radiant heat. Oxygen Produced during the daytime provides cleaner air, while leaves act as a natural filter for dust, which otherwise enters the apartment. There is also provision for the occupants to grow their own plants.

Solar Panels

In a significant step towards sustainable Development and energy conservation, Clearpoint Residences uses solar panels to generate electricity for communal areas and mechanisms such as lobby and corridor lighting, elevators and the recycling system. Additional electricity will be sold to CEB using a net metering system.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is collected at ground level and used with recycled grey water for toilet flushing and plant irrigation.

 Automated Drip Irrigation

An automated drip irrigation system has been incorporated throughout the building so that terrace gardens are maintenance free. The drip irrigation system will save water when compared with a sprinkler system. Additionally, the water used for irrigation is recycled from the grey water output of the residence, which is also used in the sanitation systems of apartments, thus reducing water usage by 45%

Grey Water Recycling System

One of the main uses of water in apartments is for flushing. In an effort to reduce the water usage, recycled water is used for flushing. Water is collected from apartment showers, bathrooms, and sinks. Running it through a recycling system which purifies the water to be less than 10 BOD (Bio Oxygen Demand) the Recycled water is mixed with rainwater and sent through to the bathroom water closets and to the drip irrigation system, which means flushing and the drip Irrigation does not require water from the mains.

Solid Waste Disposal

Solid waste Generated from the apartment is separated into glass, paper, plastic and metal (with the aid of the occupants) in the garbage room which is situated on each floor and negatively ventilated so odors do not escape into the lift lobby. The waste is then collected and sold to the relevant authorities.

The income earned from this process is used to maintain the building, further reducing the cost of maintenance. For further information and sales inquiries, please contact +94-772770788, +94-772772955,e-mail, or  visit