iRoads (Phase 1): Polonnaruwa District

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As part of the Road Development Authority (RDA) ADB-funded iRoad project, during the months of October to December 2018, Maga Engineering completed rehabilitation and improvement of 44 rural access roads amounting to 123.5km in the Polonnaruwa District.

The roads ranged across 05 DS Divisions rich in natural and cultural heritage, and famed for agricultural production. These newly rehabilitated roads span heavily wooded regions on the borders of some of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful national parks; swathes of farmland; and busy townships. Amongst the roads improved and rehabilitated, project teams worked alongside the iconic Parakrama Samudraya Tank, which brought novel challenges and constraints.

MAGA’s scope of work included improvement of selected roads, construction and improvement to roadside drainage where necessary, construction, rehabilitation, or widening of culverts, minor repairs to bridges, construction of retaining walls, installation of required road marking & traffic sign boards, Road Furniture, Guard Stones, and Turfing.

The Integrated Road Development (iRoad) programme is a mega infrastructure development project initiated by the Government to improve connectivity between rural areas, small and medium towns, and socioeconomic hubs; thereby increasing access, supporting inclusive rural development, and facilitating involvement of rural communities in National development. The first phase of the iRoad project focused on upgrading and maintaining around 3000km of rural roads across 06 provinces.

Project Name Project Manager Date of completion
Rehabilitation/improvements of 49 km of rural roads in Polonnaruwa District (PO 1) Mr. Upali Balasooriya October 2018
Rehabilitation/improvements of 74 km of rural roads in Polonnaruwa District (PO 2) Mr. R N J S De Silva December 2018

The project was funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and comes under the purview of the Road Development Authority (RDA). The iRoad project also seeks to improve the capacity of road agencies with respect to road asset management, project management, and contract administration, and will play a catalytic role in the sustainable development of Sri Lanka.