Thurulie Green Manufacturing Plant

The Green industrial plant ‘Thurulie’ as envisioned by MAS Intimates embodied eco-friendly practices from its concept to conclusion. Therefore, it was paramount that Maga, as Main Contractor, ensured the successful integration of core elements of the project—its architectural design realization, energy efficiency, water usage, waste management, bio-diversity, worker well-being and the use of sound construction methodologies. Maga was highly responsive to these elements during the construction of the facility, ensuring the success of this landmark project which will act as a benchmark for future sustainable development in Sri Lanka.

‘Thurulie’ was also the first newly constructed building of the country to earn the LEED Platinum Certification for sustainable green buildings in 2010. The project has exemplified the technical and managerial capacity within the apparel and construction industries in Sri Lanka to reach best-in-class international standards with respect to sustainable buildings.