Kesbewa-Pokunuwita Road (B-84)

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A component of the Southern Road Connectivity Project (SRCP), rehabilitation and improvement of the Kesbewa-Pokunuwita stretch of the Colombo-Horana (B084) road is part of a larger initiative to improve the capacity of 33 km of key national highways. Funded by the Asian Development Bank, the project seeks to improve road transportation between the Southern Expressway and key cities in Colombo.

MAGA’s scope in the project comprises rehabilitation and improvements to a 14.38 km stretch from Kesbewa to Pokunuwita. The project also includes rehabilitation and improvement of a 1.7 km stretch of the A4 road from Kirulapone to Godagama. Construction teams worked on surface regulation, asphalt overlaying and surfacing, drainage and shoulder construction, culvert construction repairs or extensions, bridge construction, and repairs to bridges and other structures.