Navathkuli – Kerative Jetty (A-32) Road

The project comprised the rehabilitation and improvement of the 17.4km Navathkuli to Kerathivu Jetty stretch of the A-32 road. The project was funded by the Asian Development Bank and is a part of Northern Connectivity Project of the Road Development Authority.

The project work comprised the rehabilitation, surface regulation, drainage shoulder restoration, repairing or reconstruction of damaged culverts & bridges and boulder packing along the lagoon area of the road.

This road was obliterated during the height of the civil war and the current rehabilitation will vastly improve the daily transport, business economy and overall well-being of the people of Jaffna. The 1.4 billion rupee project was completed and handed over to the Road Development Authority in March 2013. The project garnered the praise of the client and was awarded the ICTAD National Construction Performance Award in 2013.