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Environmental Education Programme in Batticaloa & Trincomalee

  • 5. Environmental Education Programme

Maga Engineering joined hands with the Sri Lanka Nature Group (SLNG) and the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) to implement a unique environmental education programme for several environment-focused stakeholders. Identifying the value of biodiversity of the Eastern province, this community project has raised awareness on conservation of protected areas among future generations and public agencies, while making them ambassadors for the protection of ecosystems in the long-term.

Maga Engineering was the principal initiator of the environment project by providing the necessary funding and setting up the programme in collaboration with SLNG, initially in Batticaloa & Trincomalee districts. Workshop materials were developed by SLNG and was reviewed and approved by the CEA. They contained comprehensive booklets on biodiversity and natural resources in the local languages as well as in English. SLNG play a front line role in the entire project by delivering the information to over 400 students, 100 teachers & 100 government officers in both districts.

SLNG is an organization which works with several organizations under a common objective of conservation of nature and its resources. Environmental legal rights and responsibilities and associated consequences, use of the media, awareness raising campaigns, incorporation of environmental issues in mainstream education, increasing awareness and education in target groups and encouragement of public participation in environmental matters are the major considerations of SLNG.

Sri Lanka’s Corporate Accountability Rating, 2012

  • 4-Sri-Lankas-Corporate-Accountability-Rating-2012

Maga Engineering retained its Platinum rating for the 3rd consecutive year and reached the number 3 position in Sri Lanka’s Corporate Accountability Index for 2012, formulated by Sting Consultants and published by LMD, the country’s leading business magazine.

Maga has acted as a catalyst for sustainable growth in Sri Lanka’s construction sector by setting industry benchmark in the following areas:

  • Becoming the first construction company and one of the first private companies in Sri Lanka to report its economic, social & environmental performance under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Being the first construction company in Sri Lanka to be accredited under both International Standards for Health, Safety & Environmental Management of OHSAS18001 and ISO14001.
  • Building the world’s first purpose-built LEED Platinum Certified Green Manufacturing Plant, ‘Thurulie’ of MAS Intimates
  • Becoming the first and the only construction company to become a Business Superbrand in Sri Lanka
  • Helping found the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL) and the Green(SL) Rating System

Winning Sri Lanka’s first National Green Award for the Public and Private Sector

National Construction Excellence Awards, 2012

  • 3. National Construction Excellence Awards, 2012

Maga Engineering was the recipient of 8 Awards at the 2012 National Construction Excellence Awards ceremony organized by Institute for Construction Training and Development (ICTAD). This takes Maga’s tally of National Construction Awards to a record 57.

Maga won the coveted National Construction Excellence Award for the 430,000sqft new Headquarters for Sri Lanka Customs at Charmers Quay Colombo.  Furthermore, the company won the country’s first National Green Construction Award for the construction of MAS ‘Thurulie’, the world’s first purpose-build apparel factory that has been LEED Platinum certified.

The company also won the National Construction Merit Award for the ‘Ranjanas’ Shopping Complex Colombo and received 5 Construction Performance Awards for the following projects:

  • Sambuddha Jayanthi Mandiraya, Colombo
  • Improvements to Sooriyawewa Meegahanjandura Road
  • Rehabilitation of Puttalam Trincomalee Road from Puttalam to Anuradhapura
  • Improvements to Parliament Road
  • Greater Kandy Water Supply Project, Phase 1 – Stage 2

We share the above success with our Clients Sri Lanka Customs, MAS Holdings, Road Development Authority, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Crown Property Development Ltd, Buddhist Cultural Centre, and project consultants including State Engineering Corporation, Scott Wilson Kirkpatric, RDC and NJS Consultants, funding agencies such as Government of Sri Lanka, Asian Development Bank & Japan International Cooperation Agency, as well as our specialized contractors, suppliers, banks, local communities, employees and all others who worked towards the success of the above projects.

New Headquarters for Sri Lanka Customs

  • 2. New Headquarters for Sri Lanka Customs

In the last 3 years, large-scale infrastructure projects, urban development and rural infrastructure development have come to the forefront of national development goals. In mid-2012, we completed the construction of the new Headquarters for the Sri Lanka Customs, a large-scale building project whose main civil works was completed at a value of LKR 4 Billion. As the main contractor for this project, Maga Engineering played the lead role in bringing this project to life with the guidance of its client, the Sri Lanka Customs. We were partnered by the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka (SEC), who provided the state-of the-art design as consultants for the project.

With the nation’s economic growth being fueled by our imports and exports sector bringing in new opportunities to our industries and the society at large, Sri Lanka Customs, plays a major role in ensuring the smooth flow in the transfer of goods and predominantly ensures the integrity of such transfers. The building achieves a position of national importance as it has allowed a vital government institution to bring together all its administrative divisions and human resources base, previously scattered across the city, in to one central location within its 430,000sqft floor area spanning 13 floors. This has further strengthened their daily operations allowing them to function more efficiently. The project location’s proximity to the primary functional base of its operations, the Colombo port, has allowed Sri Lanka Customs to gain vital savings in operational cost.

Aside from space for its administrative functions, the building also includes a state-of-the-art auditorium, a restaurant, a museum and car parking facilities. Managed through a modern Building Management System (BMS), the building also contains state-of-the-art aluminum façade which underlines its presence as a modern architectural landmark in the city. The construction was carried out at a time of relative depression in the building sector. The project allowed several specialized constructors in the fields of Building Façade, Building Management System (BMS) and Mechanical & Electrical services to significantly develop their capacity in their respective fields.