Portfolio Category: Completed Water, Wastewater & Irrigation

Seethawaka Industrial Estate

The project involved the civil works of a Water Treatment Plant of capacity 9,600m³ per day and a Wastewater Treatment Plant of capacity 10,000m³ per day at the Seethawaka Industrial Estates.

Designed by Nippon Koei Co. Ltd of Japan and overseen by the Main Contractor for the project Kumagai Gumi Co. Ltd,...


Greater Galle Water Supply Scheme

The project, financed by the Economic Development and Cooperation Fund of Korea, aimed at providing drinking water to Greater Galle Municipal Council Area. The Main Contractor for the project was Kolon Samsung Consortium of South Korea.

The project was designed by Ceywater Consultants. Maga’s scope of work included 100,000m³ per day water...


Wellawaya Water Supply Scheme

Bounded by the beautiful landscape of the Wellawaya mountain ranges, the project comprised the construction of a flocculator, double units clarifier, rapid sand filter with four components, 1,200m³ capacity circular ground reservoir, sludge drying bed with four compartments, chemical house, pump house, Engineers Quarters and Internal pipe laying work. The scheme was so...


Kirindi Oya Water Supply Scheme

The Project involved the rehabilitation and augmentation of Kirindioya Water Supply Scheme; the Main Contractor for the project was M-U-T GmbH of Austria. Our scope of work included the construction of water treatment plant including 2,000m³ capacity underground reservoir and treatment plant units.

Construction began in February 2010. The work consisted of...