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MAGA Engineering and YouLead extend partnership to support youth development

  • PR-MAGA and YouLead extend partnership to support youth development

[Pictured at the commencement of the MAGA – YouLead partnership in 2019, standing L-to-R: YouLead Partnerships Manager, Mr Sharada Weerwardana; YouLead Partnerships Director, Ms Vindya Silva; YouLead Project Director, Mr Charles Conconi; MAGA Chairman and Managing Director, Mr M G Kularatne; MAGA Director of Finance and Planning, Mr Mega Kularatne]

MAGA Engineering and the U. S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) youth employment and business startup project – YouLead, have cemented their partnership under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work towards better outcomes and opportunities for Sri Lankan youth. MAGA and YouLead have worked together since September 2019, with a focus on skills development and creation of better employment opportunities for young people in the construction industry. Active through May 2024, the MoU was signed by MAGA Chairman and Managing Director Mr. M G Kularatne, and YouLead Project Director Mr. Charles Conconi.

Through a comprehensive Training of Trainers (ToT) programme organised by YouLead, over 60 specialised trainers of MAGA were empowered and upskilled to better train youth in the construction and engineering sector. Through continuous training and skills-building carried out at project sites across the island, these experienced training staff of MAGA have assisted more than 1,500 youth entering the construction industry to gain technical expertise and invaluable on-the-job experience. The two organisations will continue to collaborate in the design, development, and effective implementation of training programmes focused on the construction sector including technical training, project management skill-building, and supervisory skills development to support upskilling of youth across Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the signing of the MoU, Chairman and Managing Director of MAGA Mr. M G Kularatne stated “From inception, MAGA has believed in empowering and supporting Sri Lankan youth to gain employable skills that are essential to unlocking opportunities and building a better future for all. Therefore, we are proud to continue our partnership with USAID’s YouLead project in whom we have found a like-minded partner to support, train, and create opportunities for young people. On behalf of the construction industry, we wish to thank the YouLead team for their initiative and contribution in this space”.

Speaking on YouLead’s focus of improving the vocational skills and employability of Sri Lankan youth, YouLead Project Director, Charles Conconi said “Through USAID, we are happy to have the opportunity to help MAGA build a larger Sri Lankan workforce that is skilled in the latest construction practices and technologies. Partnering with industry leaders such as MAGA to train their own trainers allows us to help structure a training experience that is closely aligned with the needs of this fast-growing sector. It also ensures that the added talent and capacity remains in Sri Lanka to build youth skills and good jobs long into the future.”

YouLead is a USD 18 million program supported by USAID, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the European Union and implemented by International Executive Service Corps (IESC). It works to improve technical and vocational education and training, create a more skilled workforce, and link youth to more productive careers by undertaking activities to support and strengthen students, teachers, institutions, and entrepreneurs.

Sri Lanka’s leading construction company, MAGA Engineering, is the largest employer in the country’s construction sector. As a registered Training Institute with the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC), MAGA continues to work with the Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training and other public and private partners to contribute to youth development in Sri Lanka. MAGA’s contribution to work-based vocational training has been recognised with multiple National Vocational Training Excellence awards.

MAGA begins construction of new housing complex at Malapalla

  • PR – MAGA begins construction of new housing complex at Malapalla

Maga Engineering has begun construction of a new 10-storey medium-rise housing complex as part of the Government’s Railway Efficiency Improvement Project (REIP) and Colombo Suburban Railway Project (CSRP). The project, valued at LKR 1.3 Billion, is implemented by the Ministry of Transport and funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and is expected to be completed by late 2024.

Implementation of the project is in line with expansions and improvements to Colombo’s suburban railway network, with the new housing complex expected to accommodate families living in informal settlements along the railway corridor who will need to relocate in order to complete developments to the Kelani Valley Railway Line, which passes through the Maharagama and Homagama DS Divisions. Ministry of Transport and Urban Development Authority (UDA) teams were involved in preliminary field studies and site investigations to study the impact of resettlement, and prepared all plans in close collaboration with local communities after extensive community consultations. All technical designs and provisions are also in accordance with international standards and carried out in close coordination with the social safeguard team of the Project Management Unit (PMU) and design and supervision consultants.

The new housing complex is located on a land owned by Sri Lanka Railways near the old railway station situated in Malapalla West. MAGA’s role as main contractor involves design and construction of the new housing complex, which covers a total floor area of around 125,000 square feet and comprises 120 apartments with necessary amenities. Designed in partnership with OENS Design Studio, the housing complex focuses on livability and community aspects and features substantial common space and community areas, children’s play areas, and recreational areas. The premises will also include a Grama Niladhari (GN) office, police post, daycare centre, multi-purpose hall, and a post office, together with provisions for adequate parking.

Once completed, the new Malapalla housing complex will provide hundreds of families with access to formal land tenure, a decent home, and essential infrastructure and amenities such as safe public spaces, clean water, electricity, and sanitation.

Maga Engineering is a long-standing partner of the Government’s regeneration efforts that improve the lives of low-income communities living in urban areas. Since 2018, MAGA has been involved in constructing several large-scale developmental housing projects that provide safe and spacious housing to over 1750 families.

MAGA recognised as the most respected construction company in Sri Lanka

  • Most Respected LMD MAGA 2_4

Maga Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. was adjudged the Most Respected construction company in Sri Lanka for the second year running, and has been ranked amongst the Top 30 Most Respected Entities in the country, according to the latest rankings by LMD.

The 2021 ratings were unveiled by LMD in their annual publication of the Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka, based on a survey conducted by NielsenIQ. The survey adopted a weighted ranking system, analysing responses from 800 respondents representing Sri Lanka’s major listed firms and leading brands. The final results covered over 134 companies across 26 sectors. Ranking criteria included financial performance, quality consciousness, management profile, honesty, innovation, dynamism, corporate culture, CSR and sustainability, vision, and national perspective. This year, the scale also evaluated two new criteria – HR and people management, and crisis management, in order to provide a robust peer-perception of corporate brand.

Commenting on the achievement, Chairman and Managing Director of MAGA, Mr M G Kularatne said “MAGA has grown to become synonymous with ‘construction excellence’, and this is our strongest asset. Our reputation is built on never failing to deliver on our promise, in over 500 complex and challenging projects over the last four decades that have bought long-term value to both our customers and the end-users of this infrastructure”. “As a partner in Sri Lanka’s growth and development, we are honoured to be tasked with constructing some of the landmark projects that will change the face of our landscape and improve the lives of millions of Sri Lankans.”

Maga Engineering is Sri Lanka’s largest construction company and a key partner in national infrastructure development. As the largest employer in the sector, the company continues to invest in training and development, and pursues growth opportunities for its dynamic workforce. Recognising the company’s commitment to quality and ability to deliver complex projects on schedule despite challenges, Maga Engineering has recently been awarded the contracts for a number of mega-projects, including the Ruwanpura Expressway, Sethsiripaya Administrative Complex (Stage III), Two flyovers in Colombo 02, and the new Railway Headquarters and Train Control Centre at Maradana.

MAGA undertakes design and construction of two key flyovers in Colombo 02

  • PR – MAGA undertakes design and construction of two key flyovers in Colombo

Maga Engineering has begun construction of two new flyovers in Slave Island (Colombo 02), along Justice Akbar Mawatha and Uttarananda Mawatha. The proposed flyovers will overarch two central intersections in Slave Island and the Coastal Line – one of the busiest railway tracks leading into the city, thereby easing heavy traffic congestion leading to Colombo’s Central Business District (CBD).

Colombo 02 is at the heart of the city’s real estate drive, with several new developments coming up alongside existing public and private commercial spaces, including the Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort. Due to over 100 gate closures per day, the Coastal Line running across Justice Akbar Mawatha and Uttarananda Mawatha results in daily travel time losses of more than 6 hours. With road traffic disruptions expected to worsen with upcoming developments to the Coastal Line from the Colombo Suburban Railway Development Project, the new flyovers will alleviate severe traffic congestion and provide a timely improvement to traffic flow in the long-term.

The project is implemented by the Road Development Authority (RDA) as part of an integrated traffic management solution for the Slave Island area. Maga Engineering has been contracted to design and construct two flyovers valued at LKR 5.2 billion. The two-lane bidirectional flyover along Uttarananda Mawatha will be 558m in length and the two-lane unidirectional flyover along Justice Akbar Mawatha will be 300m, whilst the connecting branch flyover will be 288m in length. The superstructure will be made of concrete box-girders, whilst the substructure will comprise concrete piers and pile foundations. The project will also involve improvements to junctions, bridges, byroads, culverts, drainage and other retaining structures. The project team will work alongside the Beira-lake watercourse in the heart of the city, whilst minimizing disruption to traffic and navigating a congested layout of existing utility lines.

Commenting on the project, Chief Executive Director of MAGA Mr. Piyadasa Madarasinghe stated “The project is scheduled for completion by mid-2022, requiring its delivery in record time. In order to achieve this target, we are leveraging our in-depth construction experience in constructing major bridges and flyovers, involving innovative construction methodologies and intricate coordination. The road network in this area connects the rest of Colombo with its economic hub (Fort and Pettah) and its coastal region (Galle Face and Colombo Port City), therefore the project will bring great dividends once completed. We are proud to partner with the Ministry of Highways and RDA and contribute to the vision for a modern and accessible Colombo city.”

Maga Engineering is Sri Lanka’s largest construction company and a key partner in national infrastructure development. MAGA has been involved in delivering a number of bridges and flyovers, including the Japan Friendship Bridge (formerly known as the Victoria Bridge), Kalladi Bridge, Ginganga Bridge on the Southern Expressway, Hambantota Siribopura Flyover, and the Baseline Road Flyover.